You may have heard us talking about our Do Tables, but might not be sure what they are? Well a Do Table is a small crafty activity you can enjoy over a drink, some food and a catch up with friends! Our Do’s are always fun and easy and usually a bit silly, as we encourage adults to be playful and to get creative as often as possible as we believe that it’s good for the mind, body and soul.

When booking your Do Table, we ask you to pay a deposit in advance which secures your booking and covers the cost of the craft materials. They start from 6pm but you can book for whatever time suits you. We recommend booking in time to catch our Happy Hour so you can help get those creative juices flowing!

We have 5 Do Tables which helped pave the foundations for DSD, that we have been running since we formed the company back in 2009. Let’s get to know them;

Lego Robots:
This one is guaranteed to take you back to your childhood as we task you with building the best robot you can out of lego! As you and your robot are the ultimate team, you must name your robot, give it 3 special powers and then create a back story. May the best bot win!

Nipple Tassels:
Time to shake what ya mamma gave ya because we’re going back to our sex shop roots (we used to share our space in the building with a sex shop, you can read all about it here) and giving you the chance to create a perfect pair of naughty nipple tassels

Lionel Rich-Tea:
This one really takes the biscuit. We give you a Rich Tea biccy and ask you to recreate Lionel Richie’s joyous face with icing. You’re very welcome to eat it after! No artistic skills necessary, just silly, fun and a little bit sticky!

Papier Mache Monster Mash:
If you’re looking for a childhood throw back, this is the Do for you! Making papier mache monsters out of tissue paper, PVA glue, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and balloons, we’re giving Blue Peter a run for their money! Once you’re done, take them home and scare the shit out of your housemates with your monstrous creation.

Play With Clay:
This Do is pretty self explanatory but also pretty fun. We give you some clay for you to play and mould with. We’ll give you a theme and some inspirational photos, and off you go! You’re tasked with creating something as realistic and close to the theme as possible. Or you can go completely off on a tangent and mould what ever the hell you want, hey, it’s your clay after all!

Now you know about our core Do Tables, it’s time to try them out for yourself! Check out our What’s On page to see all the upcoming Do’s we’ve got lined up for you.