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It’s never been more important for colleagues to play together. The time that is spent ‘in-person’ must now be prioritised to build genuinely meaningful connections with each other. Since 2009 Drink, Shop & Do brought you the best of creative & playful events & workshops.

Now that we have adjusted to this nomadic lifestyle, we kinda like it and so are making our programme to anybody wanting to get together with something a bit quirkier than ‘beers & a quiz’ and far less cringe than ‘team-building’

For each event we will provide:

  • Inspiring activities that guarantee user generated content for your brand.
  • Encouragement for partakers to create, connect, imagine and think.
  • Pre-tested event programme that proved so popular it filled a 200 pax venue 6 days a week.
  • A team of activity hosts who will rock up with everything they need, clear down when they are done.



Did you think you weren’t creative? Maybe you weren’t listening to the right tunes.

A DSD party starter and DJ will loosen up a crowd with a cornucopia of art supplies to teach mark making to music and get the creative juices flowing.




Have you ever iced Lional Ritchie’s face onto a rich tea buiscuit? If not, you haven’t lived.




We can’t all afford a ride, but everybody can afford to pimp a pineapple.



They did the Monster Mache,

it was a London bar smash,

it caught on in a flash,

they did the Monster Mache.





No boobs required. Everybody loves a shimmy.




Scare the crap out of your parents and pretend you got your lovers name tattoed on your neck. All the bad-assery none of the pain.



Have you ever noticed people are a little more daring when they’re wearing a mask?

Drop us an email at for a full price list with our thoughts and considerations.  Please include your ideal date, time, location and number of guests.

We recommend a minimum of groups of 20 for you to get the best value from the experience.  We are based in London, and although we are willing to travel all expenses would be charged back to the client.  Remote workshops and events are also available for those based outside the M25.