Hi I’m Coralie

I’m Coralie and Drink, Shop & Do was my business. Last summer I had to make the heartbreaking decision to close the venue after 10 incredible years. I have felt all stages of grief since then and it’s been hard to see enquiries coming in for this summer and having to break the news to more wonderful fans. 

Drink, Shop & Do was a philosophy not just a business. My vision was a place where people could really let go and be free, to play & make a mess, and maybe something wonderful by accident too. Where there was no pressure, just pleasures. I didn’t want to go to ‘classes’ to learn things, they were too serious, to results focused. I didn’t want to dress up to go dancing, I wanted to wear trainers and know that security were a step ahead to stop any unwanted attention. I wanted a playground. I wanted a place where people build wonderful memories if not wonderful things to remember them by. Give this post a like if that was you, did you make a magic memory at DSD? 

I’ve had a very quiet year. The quietest of my life. But as the world is waking up I feel it’s time to use my voice. We need this light playfulness in our life -now more than ever. I’d lost mine a little in the heartbreak of the last year. Then I remembered it never leaves you. It’s like the sun –it’s always there, it’s just sometimes it’s clouded from you. Sometimes you need a bit of help remembering, a bit of practice. I know I do.

So as I can’t be there with you now to do it in person, I’ve written it all down. A little handbook of fun. And someone printed it and sold it to bookstores! It’s really quite amazing. Would you like to buy it? If you do please could you buy it here? https://uk.bookshop.org/shop/coraliesleap because it supports small bookshops are offsets carbon. And because Amazon is evil & doesn’t pay tax. Or if you think my publisher will think you’re an ‘influencer’ you can message me your address & I’ll see what I can do. 
I’d like to close this by saying I’m going to get back to posting fun inspiring things all the time. But I am genuinely terrible at social media. So you’ll probably get at best sporadic things I hope will brighten your life. 
Thanks for reading. Please say Hi! 

Coralie x

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