DSD the venue
Killed By Covid
Gone but not forgotten

BREAKING NEWS: DSD bringing the Do’s to you! 

Email us for event enquiries mail@drinkshopdo.co.uk

Since 2009 Drink, Shop & Do brought you the best of creative & playful events & workshops. 

Fun is our philosophy. Our goal was to inspire and entertain. Whether with a craft workshop, a dance class, comedy night, or singles event! 

For more than 10 years we brought you cocktail fuelled parties directly from our beautiful venue in Kings Cross. Sadly the venue closed permanently during the 2020 pandemic, but our community lives on online, and our ethos lives on in a wonderful new book. 

We pride ourselves on the rich history of our venue, which was spread over three floors of a beautiful Victorian bath house. We’re not missing any opportunity to show off about the bright and airy upstairs bar- with skylight, columned walls and colourful bar winning DesignMy Nights best venue seven years in a row. You’d find people making nipple tassels or Lionel Richies head out of clay on any given night. We fondly remember the trip down the red staircase with the infamous ‘Adult & Erotica’ neon sign, adopted from the sex shop that was in the property when we moved in. We’ll never forget the downstairs bar where thousands of parties worked up a sweat, dancing under a glitter of disco lights, which made it to TimeOuts top 5 clubs and has queues down the block. 

The concept for Drink, Shop & Do started out as a house party and then a pop up at the end of 2009 called “The Christmas Cooler”. After it’s great response, Drink, Shop & Do was founded in 2010 with a mission to bring positivity and playfulness to gloomy, post-crash London. It led the trend as an all-day, multi disciplinary arts venue and continues to cater to a generation who value experiences and opportunities as a way to connect ‘in real life’.

It is presently run by one of the original founders, Coralie Sleap, who is passionate about encouraging creativity and playfulness to benefit mental wellbeing and solidify social bonds. Coralie also owns Keystone Crescent Members Bar in King’s Cross, teaches yoga & does talks & workshops on the philosophy of fun. Her new book is available here

That link takes you to bookshop.org because they pay UK tax and support independednt bookshops. But if you don’t want to pay shipping and make a new account you can also get it here: