Bags of Love - Screen Printing Workshop

£26.80, 7 - 10pm

Bags of Love are screen printing workshops with a difference where we will create canvas bags that will be filled with love and given to asylum seekers at a monthly drop in centre in North London.

During the evening you will learn how to screen print on to a canvas bag and customise it with a message for the asylum seeker that it will be given to. We would love it if you would also bring something small with you that could be placed in the bag and given with it as a small gift.

We are excited to be collaborating with Daniel Heath to produce these workshops.

A percentage of profits from these events will be donated to Drop In Centres, run by New North London Synagogue, organised by volunteers. The centres provide food, clothes and comfort for people based in the UK who are still waiting to be given status which allows them to work and live normal lives here.

Bags of Love is produced by Piece of Cake Ltd.

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