London Craft Club: Make A Neon-Style Artwork on Canvas

7-9pm, £59

It's totally beginner friendly so anyone can do it, and we'll walk you through the whole process. You'll be able to choose from our templates or create your own personalised artwork

This workshop uses Electro-Luminescent Wire, a safer alternative to traditional glass and gas neon so you wont need to get all hot and dangerous. Draw your design onto a generous 20" x 20" inch deep canvas, and then add the glowing elements. Your final artwork will be able to run from a battery pack hidden inside the back of the canvas, so you can hang it on the wall, prop it on the mantle piece or move it around regardless of where your plug sockets are. Keep it flashing Vegas style or set it to shine continuously, which ever you prefer. 

Just imagine showing off your new neon artwork to your friends - then being able to knock their socks off when you say you made it yourself.

What's included

- all materials, including a 20x20 inch art canvas 
- a choice of pink or blue EL wire
- a battery pack
- 2 AA batteries 
- a large bag to carry your work home with you
- colour instruction leaflet
- printed or pdf templates to take away
- a hot drink or a glass of Prosecco, depending on the venue

Who's if for

Perfect for beginners - you must be over 18 years to take part