Rainbow Glitter & Bling Mermaid Crown DIY Workshop

1-3pm, £35/£49

NEW: pastel dyes where you can turn your shells all the colours of a rainbow!

What better way to enjoy summer & festival season than to channel your inner mermaid princess. Join DIY blogger Zen of hapinesswherever.com and make your own mermaid crown using shells, glitter, charms and other shipwrecked bric-a-brac. (Everything you need is provided but you can also bring your unwanted jewellery to bling up your creation!)

For £35, you are provided with a standard Mermaid Princess DIY kit to create your personalised headdress. Or at £49, you can pick from our buffet of over 50 types of shells, glitter, beads, crystals and other bling to craft a stunning masterpiece. Can't wait to meet all you mermaid-princesses-in-training!