Sketch Appeal

7pm, Tickets £15 including all materials and a FREE sketchbook!


Single? Got a face?

Stop swiping and scrolling for love: get down to Sketch Appeal and start sketching for it instead!

Sketch Appeal is London’s first ever sketchdating night and it’s back by popular demand: at Drink Shop & Do on Tuesday May 23rd.

Over the course of the night, you’ll get up-close-and-personal with your fellow sketchmates in a series of fun and easy activities designed to test your ‘sketchual chemistry: including speed portraiture, colouring and balloon art.  

Accompanied by a special sketchy soundtrack and the optional drop/gallon of alcohol:  you’ll have ample opportunity to unleash your creativity and charm upon the crowd. 

Can’t draw for shite?

Fear not! The activities aren’t designed to test your drawing skills: Sketch Appealis about sketching to connect - not to impress. It’s about having a laugh, getting creative and – if you’re lucky, getting a number at the end of the night!

Whatever happens, we guarantee you’ll walk away with some fun memories, a stack of dubious/genius artwork and a balloon with your face on it!

Tickets £15 in advance: Early Book Essential

*Playlist will include:

  • I’m Too Sketchy
  • Let’s Talk About Sketch
  • Sketchual Healing
  • Sketch Bomb
  • I Wanna Sketch You Up
  • This Sketch Is On Fire