Do Re Mi Bar

FREE, 6-8pm

Come and have a drink and a sing led by Tom and Alex! Ever wanted to sing Queen in harmony whilst sipping a Smirnoff Ice (or a variety of other arguably inferior beverages) surrounded by your closest friends and acquaintances? Then Do Re Mi Bar is perfect for you! 

We are offering a Sunday evening you won't forget (depending on how much you drink) at the brilliant Drink, Shop & Do in Kings Cross. All the fun you could want and it's FREE ENTRY! Yes you heard me.. FREE ENTRY!

Do Re Mi Bar is a fun way to enjoy singing in a choir in a relaxed, social environment. Learn Tom and Alex's arrangment of Don't Stop Me Now... Suitable for all levels of singing ability/inebriation!

So bring 5 friends each and tell them to bring 5 friends each and pretty soon we'll be taking over London with an unstoppable choir of dreams!

"The perfect Sunday evening treat"
Tom Lees

"I loved it so much, I wanted to pay"
Alex James Ellison

Check out the Facebook event for more details!