Hummingbird Large Necklace Workshop

7-8.30pm, £40

Join us for another one of our amazing acrylic laser cut JewelleryWorkshops with Elizabeth. In this workshop you will make a statement-sized Hummingbird Necklace using gorgeous green, blues, and fuchsia or glitter silver.

Attach your wing feathers using silver plated jump rings and choose between glitter silver or fuchsia for your birds 'highlight' feathers (glitter silver is shown in the photo). Elizabeth will show you how togive your bird it's tail feathers and you will then use silver paint to add detail and attach your chain and clasp.

You can make your necklace high (collarbone level) or use a longer chain depending on what suits you.

The bird is 14cm from the top of the wing to the bottom of the tail feathers - a stunning statement piece.

Elizabeth will also bring her homemade (Vegetarian, gluten free) Caribbean coconut and honey candy for you to enjoy during the workshop.

All materials and tools are included along with a gift box!

Hope to see you there!