Joyfinding: Paint Your Purpose

1-3pm, £25

Joyfinding Paint Your Purpose uses painting, colouring, glitter-bombs and childlike innocence to create visions of your future from the depths of your mind and you're given the tools to translate it.

Jacqueline Labib is a transformational life coach who uses creativity and fun to inspire people to purpose - and help you let loose from the freaking week.

Over bottomless tea and delicious cake, get stuck in with those kids' materials – crayons, felt tips, playdoh and glitter - to create a magical scene of where your being would like you to go next in life and understanding of what it means.

Imagine your mind is a palace. In this palace there are many, many rooms. On the walls of the first few rooms, there is writing on the walls. These are your beliefs - limiting beliefs.

We live in very grand and beautiful palaces, our minds, but we stop exploring them. We stay in just a few rooms, each of which has a belief carved into its wall, preventing us from stepping through to the next one.

We never discover the new rooms, those without anything on the wall just yet – those in which we feel new, and free.


In this Joyfinding Paint Your Purpose 2 hour workshop you'll:

  • Have fun while learning about yourself

  • Get out of your busy mind

  • Become more peaceful and focused in the moment and in your life generally

  • Step into fun and simplicity

  • Meet curious-minded people like you

  • Find purpose and greater meaning for your life through art, encouraging the subconscious and superconscious mind to release their secrets to you

  • Have the chance to ask a life coach any burning questions about direction, fulfilment, purpose, motivation and happiness

  • Enjoy it all over a scrumptious slice of cake and bottomless tea